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Dr. Vitasna’s goal is to understand and listen to every woman’s desires and needs, offering them alternatives regarding their cosmetic/plastic and medical sexual health conditions.


Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery + Vaginal Rejuvenation + Urogynecology - Most of our specialized surgeries are considered minor out-patient procedures.


Vaginoplasty/ Vaginal Rejuvenation / Vaginal Tightening or Posterior Vaginal Repair is a surgical procedure performed to fix Vaginal Relaxation.

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Welcome To My Web Doctor’s Office!

Our office is located at Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand and provides general Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery or Vaginal Rejuvenation, and Urogynecology, in a caring, unhurried, state-of-the-art environment. Our Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery is very conservative in nature. Patients are seen one-at-a-time, and on time.

Nowadays, it is acceptable that the science of medicine has more and more enhanced the quality of life for people, for instance, aesthetic surgery which has recently been considered very helpful for personality, self-confidence and quality of life, especially for female patients. Also, this is popular and common in countries around the globe, such as South Korea and western countries; the Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery has gradually been accepted in Thailand as well.

Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery is a field of science to help bring about the quality of life, gratification and self-confidence for female. All over the world, the Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery tends to become more and more well-known each year; for example, in 2008, England reported that the number of Labia Minora reduction (a part of the Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery) was up to 1,118, increasing up to 67% compared with that of 669 in 2007.

Anyway, Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery is still new to Thai people but is seen as a well-being alternative for female. More and more patients are coming for the surgery provided by Yanhee International Hospital, similar to the phenomenon in other countries, so the hospital has initiated to facilitate these potential patients by the establishment of the one-stop service Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery which provides excellent service in the same floor in order to simplify complicated procedures, save time and provide patients with more desirable privacy for the purpose of patients’ satisfaction.

The Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery of Yanhee International Hospital is aimed to help female patients who need to enhance the quality of life and self-confidence, the focus of which is on the following.

1) Experienced doctor

admin-ajaxAs this field is still emerging and official training has not yet been organized, Yanhee International Hospital has selected Dr. Vitasna Ketglang as a representative to participate in the conference and treatment training in the American world-class medical institute that has been well-known for Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery. With no doubt, this is to ensure that patients will be given standard treatments by the experienced doctor.
admin-ajaxDr. Vitasna Ketglang has been working for up to 24 consecutive years after her graduation. Since 1999, she has come into the field of the Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery, Yanhee International Hospital. In this respect, she has performed more than 7,500 cases of the Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery, so she has been exclusively experienced and skilled in this field.

2) Up-to-date technology

The Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery of Yanhee International Hospital applies the following up-to-date technology to the treatment.

admin-ajaxLabia Minora Reduction by Laser
admin-ajaxLabia Majora Reduction by Laser
admin-ajaxPerineoplasty and Hymenoplasty by Laser
admin-ajaxIncisionless Laser correction for Urinary incontinence.
admin-ajaxIncision or Incisionless Laser Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening.

This is offered as an alternative to ensure that each patient will be treated by up-to-date, suitable technology.

3) Hospital standardization

admin-ajaxYanhee Internal Hospital has complied with a national standard, Hospital Accreditation (HA), which is nationally acceptable.
admin-ajaxMoreover, Yanhee International Hospital has complied with an international standard, Joint Commission International (JCI), which is acceptable worldwide, for more patient confidence.

In summary, Yanhee International Hospital has driven for the one-stop service Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery under standardized medical services with skilled personnel and up-to-date, suitable technology for utmost satisfaction.


Dr. Vitasna Ketglang, M.D.
Cosmetic Gynecology Center
Yanhee International Hospital
Bangkok, Thailand
  • I am very pleased with the surgery and my results. Dr. Vitasna is a very nice lady and I’d recommend her to all my friends for surgery. Thank you

  • Everything was so great! Doctors, nurses, procedure, private room are very nice! Specially nurses work in this hospital are top notch! I cant thank more! I’d recommend this place to anyone. Thank you!

  • Very efficient and the staff are very friendly. They take you through all the process and explain things clearly. This makes a foreign hospital experience so much easier.